Research PAL

Research PAL streamlines writing, research, and editing in Google Docs, saving time and enhancing productivity for writers, researchers, students, professionals, businesses, and content creators to engage a global audience.

Cheerleader AI

Cheerleader AI provides personalized motivational messages to uplift spirits, boost mood, increase productivity, find emotional support, improve mindset, and build self-confidence.


MemeMorph is an AI-powered face-morphing tool that allows you to transform your face into hilarious memes for social media sharing and entertainment.


LazyApply is an AI-powered tool that helps job seekers create personalized and professional cover letters, saving time and enhancing the application process by integrating LinkedIn and Indeed.


Gramara enhances writing fluency, clarity, and quality for professionals, students, and anyone striving for polished, impactful communication.

Call Annie

Call Annie, an AI-powered chat service providing a virtual assistant for setting reminders, answering inquiries, and offering guidance on various topics, available 24/7.


Lingostar is a fluency-boosting language learning tool with authentic conversations and personalized study plans, aimed at helping users reach fluency, build confidence, advance their career, and make global connections.


AICheatCheck is the world’s most accurate AI text detection tool for verifying the authenticity of students’ work to maintain academic integrity and prevent cheating.


Wordmax is an AI-powered content generation tool that boosts writing productivity and saves time for bloggers, freelancers, startups, marketing teams, and agencies.