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Collato is a revolutionary AI-powered search engine tool that centralizes scattered data, eliminates silos, unifies search experiences, and ensures GDPR compliance, thereby enhancing workflows, facilitating informed decision-making, and enabling seamless sharing of links, files, and designs.

Collato Review

Collato is an innovative AI-powered search engine tool designed to revolutionize product teams’ access to scattered information. It efficiently organizes and centralizes data, eliminating silos and unifying the search experience. With its ability to find links, files, and designs, it facilitates seamless sharing, ensures GDPR compliance and improves workflows. Collato empowers teams to make informed decisions, thereby transforming the way they operate and interact with data.


  • AIpowered search engine centralizes scattered information for efficient access and organization.
  • Eliminates data silos, unifying the search experience for teams.
  • Easily locates and shares links, files, and designs, enhancing collaboration.
  • Ensures GDPR compliance, providing a secure environment for data handling.
  • Improves workflows and decisionmaking process by providing comprehensive data insights.

Use cases

  • Streamline access and organization of scattered information for efficient workflows.
  • Eliminate data silos, centralizing and unifying search experiences.
  • Discover links, files, and designs, enabling seamless sharing.
  • Ensure GDPR compliance, safeguarding user data and privacy.
  • Enhance informed decisionmaking, improving overall productivity and efficiency.


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