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“Glarity is a free browser extension that enhances search quality by summarizing Google and YouTube results, aiding research and facilitating learning from YouTube videos.”

Glarity Review

Glarity is a free browser extension that enhances your online search experience by summarizing results. It employs advanced AI technology, specifically ChatGPT, to provide concise summaries of Google search results and YouTube content. This feature not only improves search quality but also aids in research and learning. By distilling information into easily digestible summaries, Glarity facilitates efficient knowledge acquisition, making it a valuable tool for both casual browsing and academic pursuits.


  • Glarity efficiently summarizes search results, enhancing overall search quality.
  • This AI tool aids indepth research by providing concise summaries.
  • Glarity facilitates learning by summarizing content from YouTube videos.
  • The free browser extension displays ChatGPT summary on Google and YouTube.
  • Glarity’s exceptional language processing ability ensures comprehensible and readable texts.

Use cases

  • Enhances search quality by summarizing search results on Google.
  • Facilitates learning from YouTube videos through AIpowered summaries.
  • Aids in research by providing concise summaries of search results.
  • Streamlines information processing with a free browser extension.
  • Improves comprehension of complex subjects by summarizing and simplifying content.


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