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HelpGent is a seamless communication AI tool that facilitates customer support, remote collaboration, sales, and consultations through video, text, screen sharing, and audio messaging.

HelpGent Review

HelpGent is a comprehensive communication tool designed to streamline customer-business interactions. It offers a suite of features including video, text, screen sharing, and audio messaging, making it an indispensable asset for customer support, remote collaboration, sales, and consultations. By leveraging HelpGent’s capabilities, businesses can enhance their communication strategies, ensuring seamless and efficient interactions with their customers.


  • Offers seamless video, text, screen sharing, and audio messaging for convenient customerbusiness interactions.
  • Enhances customer support through efficient and realtime communication channels.
  • Facilitates remote collaboration, bridging geographical and temporal gaps.
  • Optimizes sales and consultations processes via interactive and engaging communication modes.
  • Equipped with AI capabilities, HelpGent ensures streamlined, effective, and personalized customer experiences.

Use cases

  • Streamlining customer support through video, text, and audio messaging.
  • Facilitating remote collaboration with screen sharing capabilities.
  • Enhancing sales interactions with seamless video and text communication.
  • Offering convenient consultations via screen sharing and audio messaging.
  • Improving businesscustomer interactions with comprehensive communication tools.


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