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“Kadoa is an LLM-powered AI tool designed for effortless extraction of data from any website in seconds, customized to your desired format, thus optimizing research, data analysis, price comparison, content aggregation, and market research tasks.”

Kadoa Review

Kadoa is an advanced LLM-powered tool designed to extract data from any website swiftly and efficiently. It is tailored to convert the extracted data into your desired format, making it an ideal solution for various use cases such as research, data analysis, price comparison, content aggregation, and market research. With Kadoa, you can leverage the power of AI to streamline your data extraction process, saving time and enhancing accuracy.


  • Kadoa utilizes advanced LLM technology for swift and accurate data extraction from any website.
  • Tailored output formats cater to a wide range of uses including research, data analysis, and market research.
  • The tool offers a userfriendly interface, ensuring effortless data extraction within seconds.
  • Kadoa’s sophisticated AI supports content aggregation and price comparison, enhancing business intelligence.
  • The system’s exceptional language processing capabilities ensure readable and comprehensible text outputs.

Use cases

  • Streamlining research by swiftly extracting relevant website data.
  • Enhancing data analysis through rapid, efficient data collation.
  • Facilitating price comparison by pulling pricing data instantly.
  • Simplifying content aggregation through quick, targeted data extraction.
  • Boosting market research with immediate access to necessary data.


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