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Kiri.Art is an AI-powered Progressive Web App designed by Stable Diffusion, facilitating seamless generation and customization of images from text, enhancing visuals, and promoting collaborative work in open-source projects.

Kiri.Art Review

Kiri.Art is an advanced Progressive Web App (PWA) developed by Stable Diffusion, designed to generate captivating images from text effortlessly. It offers a range of features including customization of images for projects, enhancement of existing visuals, and a collaborative platform for community interaction. Users can also contribute to open-source projects, making Kiri.Art a versatile tool for creative and collaborative endeavors. Its Machine User Interface (MUI) ensures a user-friendly experience, making it accessible for both amateurs and professionals alike.


  • Effortlessly generates captivating visuals from text input, simplifying creative processes.
  • Offers customization options for images, tailoring visuals to specific project requirements.
  • Enhances existing images, boosting their appeal and effectiveness.
  • Enables community collaboration, fostering a shared creative environment.
  • Contributes to opensource projects, promoting innovation and shared learning.

Use cases

  • Generate engaging visuals from simple text inputs using Kiri.Art.
  • Customize images for diverse projects with Kiri.Art’s advanced features.
  • Enhance the quality of existing images using Kiri.Art’s editing capabilities.
  • Collaborate with the community, sharing and receiving feedback on Kiri.Art.
  • Contribute to opensource projects, improving and expanding Kiri.Art’s functionalities.


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