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Kona is an AI-powered tool integrated with Slack, designed to enhance team wellbeing, combat burnout, and foster a healthy workplace culture through real-time assistance, predictive analytics, personalized support, employee engagement, and team-specific adaptation.

Kona Review

Kona is an AI-powered wellbeing check-in tool specifically designed for Slack, aimed at promoting a healthy workplace culture. It enhances team wellbeing by combating burnout through real-time assistance, predictive analytics, and personalized support. Kona fosters employee engagement and adapts to team-specific needs, creating a supportive and productive environment. This innovative tool is instrumental in maintaining a balanced and resilient workforce, thereby driving organizational success.


  • Provides realtime assistance, ensuring immediate support for team wellbeing and burnout prevention.
  • Utilizes predictive analytics to proactively address potential wellbeing issues within the team.
  • Delivers personalized support tailored to individual employee needs, enhancing engagement.
  • Adapts to teamspecific needs, fostering a culture of health and wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Enhances employee engagement, promoting a vibrant and healthy workplace culture.

Use cases

  • Enhancing team wellbeing through AIpowered personalized support and engagement.
  • Combatting employee burnout with realtime assistance and predictive analytics.
  • Fostering a healthy workplace culture through teamspecific adaptation strategies.
  • Increasing employee engagement using AIpowered wellbeing checkins and personalized support.
  • Facilitating teamspecific adaptation to enhance overall team performance and wellbeing.


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