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Ortus is an AI-powered Chrome Extension designed to elevate video learning experiences through interactive Q&A, concise summaries, and efficient note-taking for improved understanding, retention, and information organization.

Ortus Review

Ortus is an AI-powered Chrome Extension designed to amplify video learning experiences. It provides interactive Q&A, efficient note-taking, and succinct summaries, thereby boosting engagement, understanding, and information retention. The tool offers valuable insights and references, enhancing the organization of information. Ortus stands out for its ability to transform video learning into a more interactive and productive process.


  • AIpowered interactive Q&A to improve engagement and understanding during video learning.
  • Summarization feature for concise and efficient understanding of video content.
  • Efficient notetaking tool for better information organization and reference.
  • Enhanced video learning through AI for improved retention and insights.
  • Provides a platform for interactive learning, fostering better engagement and understanding.

Use cases

  • Enhancing video learning through interactive Q&A sessions powered by AI.
  • Leveraging AI for generating concise and efficient summaries of video content.
  • Facilitating efficient notetaking during video sessions for improved understanding and retention.
  • Providing AIdriven insights and references for comprehensive information organization.
  • Promoting user engagement and comprehension with AIpowered interactive learning tools.


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