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Pragma accelerates knowledge discovery and sharing with an AI-powered tool that integrates with collaboration platforms, offers fast access to direct answers, and promotes team collaboration.

Pragma Review

Pragma is an AI-powered tool designed to accelerate knowledge discovery and sharing within organizations, customer support teams, businesses, and teams focused on continuous learning. It seamlessly integrates with collaboration platforms, providing fast access to direct answers and promoting team collaboration. With Pragma, users can improve knowledge sharing, boost productivity, and foster collaboration, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness in various work environments.


  • Accelerate knowledge discovery and sharing
  • Integrates with collaboration platforms
  • Offers fast access and direct answers
  • Promotes team collaboration
  • Improves knowledge sharing, boosts productivity, and fosters collaboration

Use cases

  • Accelerate knowledge discovery and sharing within organizations
  • Boost productivity for customer support teams
  • Foster collaboration among businesses
  • Enhance learning for teams focused on continuous improvement
  • Improve efficiency in accessing and sharing information


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