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PrepAI is an innovative tool designed to generate customized Q&A sets from various sources like PDFs, DocX, or videos, ideal for educators, HR professionals, and EdTech leaders for creating tests, quizzes, and online course assessments.

PrepAI Review

PrepAI is a powerful AI tool designed to streamline the creation of customized Q&A sets from various sources such as PDFs, DocX, or videos. Its key features include effortless editing and addition of questions, making it an ideal solution for college lecturers, school teachers, and tutors creating tests, HR professionals developing quizzes for employee training, and EdTech leaders and publishers generating assessments for online courses, textbooks and more. With PrepAI, the process of creating educational content is significantly simplified and optimized.


  • PrepAI enables effortless creation of customized Q&A sets from various formats like PDFs, DocX, or videos.
  • The tool allows users to edit and add questions, providing flexibility and customization.
  • It serves a wide range of users including college lecturers, school teachers, tutors, and HR professionals.
  • PrepAI is ideal for EdTech leaders and publishers for generating assessments for online courses, textbooks, etc.
  • The AI tool ensures comprehensible and readable text, making it userfriendly and effective for learning.

Use cases

  • College lecturers creating customized question sets from lecture materials for tests.
  • School teachers generating interactive quizzes from textbooks or videos.
  • Tutors developing personalized assessments from PDFs or DocX files.
  • HR professionals crafting employee training tests from various document formats.
  • EdTech leaders and publishers producing online course assessments effortlessly.


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