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Relay is an advanced AI-powered tool that streamlines investment document management and analysis, enabling effortless data extraction, portfolio tracking, collaboration, and insightful decision-making for investment professionals.

Relay Review

Relay is an advanced AI-powered tool designed to transform investment document management and analysis. Its main features include data extraction, portfolio tracking, collaboration, and insightful analytics. Relay streamlines the process of organizing investment information, making it effortless for professionals to gain crucial insights. Its intelligent design allows for efficient information extraction, enabling users to quickly understand and utilize data. With Relay, investment professionals can focus on strategic decision-making, leveraging the tool’s capabilities to enhance their investment outcomes.


  • Streamlines investment document management for efficient organization and data extraction.
  • Facilitates effortless tracking of investment portfolios, enhancing financial oversight.
  • Promotes seamless collaboration among investment professionals for improved decisionmaking.
  • Provides insightful data analytics to guide investment strategies and decisions.
  • Powered by advanced AI, ensuring accuracy and speed in information extraction.

Use cases

  • Streamline investment document management through AIpowered information extraction.
  • Simplify data extraction from complex financial documents for effortless analysis.
  • Enhance portfolio tracking with AIassisted insights for investment professionals.
  • Foster collaboration among investment teams with AIdriven data organization.
  • Enable insightful decisionmaking through AIpowered analysis of investment data.

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