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“Utilizing AI-powered suggestions, You Got Cooking enables discovery of recipes based on your ingredients, thereby minimizing food waste, enhancing cooking routines and fostering culinary creativity, making it highly convenient for home cooks and cooking enthusiasts.”

You Got Cooking Review

“You Got Cooking” is an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize your cooking experience. It offers personalized recipe suggestions based on your available ingredients, aiming to minimize food waste. This tool optimizes your cooking routines by promoting culinary creativity, making it an ideal solution for home cooks and cooking enthusiasts. With “You Got Cooking”, you can discover new recipes conveniently, transforming your kitchen into a hub of sustainability and innovation.


  • Provides personalized recipe suggestions based on available ingredients.
  • Minimizes food waste by optimizing the use of pantry items.
  • Enhances cooking routines through intelligent recipe recommendations.
  • Promotes culinary creativity with innovative recipe ideas.
  • Offers convenience for home cooks and cooking enthusiasts with AIpowered suggestions.

Use cases

  • Discover recipes using AIpowered suggestions for efficient and creative cooking.
  • Minimize food waste by utilizing available ingredients for recipe suggestions.
  • Optimize cooking routines with intelligent meal planning and preparation guidance.
  • Promote culinary creativity through unique recipe recommendations based on your pantry.
  • Provide convenience for home cooks and cooking enthusiasts with personalized meal suggestions.


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