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“Bookabout, an AI-powered book search engine, seamlessly guides you to your next favorite read, enriches book club discussions with fresh titles, and aids in recommending books to patrons or students.”

Bookabout Review

Bookabout is an AI-powered book search engine designed to streamline your reading journey. It allows you to swiftly locate your next captivating read, discover fresh titles for book club debates, and recommend books to patrons or students. With its intelligent algorithms, Bookabout simplifies the process of finding books that match your preferences, saving you time and enhancing your reading experience. This tool is an innovative solution for avid readers, book clubs, librarians, and educators alike.


  • AIpowered search engine for effortless book discovery
  • Quick identification of potential great reads
  • Discovery of new titles for book club discussions
  • Ability to recommend books to patrons or students
  • Userfriendly interface for seamless navigation and use

Use cases

  • Effortlessly discover your next favorite book with Bookabout.
  • Uncover new titles for engaging book club discussions.
  • Recommend captivating books to library patrons or students.
  • Utilize AIpowered search to quickly find your next great read.
  • Enhance your reading journey with personalized book recommendations.


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