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“Mailbutler AI is a smart assistant designed for Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail that accelerates responses, enhances efficiency with summaries, expedites email composition, creates to-dos, locates contact information, and improves overall communication.”

Mailbutler AI Review

Mailbutler AI is a state-of-the-art Smart Assistant designed to optimize your email management across Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail. Its key features include accelerating responses, enhancing efficiency through summarizing emails, swift email composition, creating to-do lists, finding contact information, and improving overall communication. This tool’s primary focus is to streamline your email tasks, ensuring a more productive and efficient email experience.


  • Accelerates email responses, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  • Improves comprehension by providing concise email summaries.
  • Facilitates quick email composition, saving valuable time.
  • Enables creation of todos directly from your inbox, ensuring task management.
  • Efficiently finds contact information, enhancing communication and networking.

Use cases

  • Accelerate responses with Mailbutler AI’s quick and efficient email management.
  • Improve efficiency by generating concise summaries of lengthy emails.
  • Compose emails swiftly using AIpowered drafting tools.
  • Create todos directly from your inbox, enhancing task management.
  • Find contact info effortlessly, improving communication and networking.


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