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Ana by TextQL is an advanced AI tool designed for effortless data analysis, insightful findings summarization, and creating visualizations without coding, primarily used in market research, business analytics, and data-driven decision-making.

Ana by TextQL Review

Ana by TextQL is a powerful AI tool designed to simplify data analysis, insights discovery, summarization of findings, and creation of visualizations without the need for coding. Its main features include market research, business analytics, and data-driven decision-making, making it an essential tool for professionals seeking to leverage data for strategic insights. Its robust capabilities allow for efficient and effective analysis, transforming complex data into comprehensible and actionable information.


  • Ana by TextQL offers effortless data analysis, providing insights without the need for coding.
  • It excels in summarizing complex findings into comprehensible text.
  • The tool is adept at creating visual representations of data, enhancing understanding.
  • It is highly applicable in market research, business analytics, and datadriven decision making.
  • Ana by TextQL allows for seamless integration, making it a versatile tool for various business applications.

Use cases

  • Analyzing market trends and patterns for strategic planning.
  • Enhancing business analytics through datadriven insights.
  • Facilitating datadriven decision making in business operations.
  • Streamlining market research through automated data analysis.
  • Creating visual representations of data for improved comprehension.


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