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MobiHeals is a robust SAST tool designed to bolster mobile app security by conducting thorough static analysis of source code, identifying vulnerabilities, and aiding in secure app development, vulnerability scanning, and code review.

MobiHeals Review

MobiHeals is a robust Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tool designed to bolster mobile app security. It meticulously analyzes the source code to identify potential vulnerabilities, thereby facilitating secure app development. MobiHeals serves as an indispensable asset in vulnerability scanning and code review processes, ensuring the delivery of secure and reliable mobile applications. Its primary features include comprehensive source code analysis and effective detection of security loopholes.


  • MobiHeals identifies potential security vulnerabilities in mobile app source code.
  • This tool enables secure app development by analyzing code to prevent potential threats.
  • MobiHeals conducts thorough vulnerability scanning, ensuring robust app security.
  • It provides comprehensive code review, highlighting areas that need improvement for secure coding.
  • MobiHeals leverages AI technology to deliver accurate and efficient detection of security flaws.

Use cases

  • Ensuring secure app development by identifying potential vulnerabilities.
  • Scanning and detecting security flaws in mobile application source code.
  • Facilitating comprehensive code reviews for enhanced application security.
  • Enabling proactive security measures by predicting potential breaches.
  • Assisting in the development of robust, secure mobile applications.


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