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The WhatsApp AI-powered chatbot is a mobile tool designed for real-time data queries, providing quick answers, creative inspiration, on-the-go research, AI-generated insights, and task assistance.

Portal Review

Portal is an advanced mobile chatbot, specifically designed for real-time data queries on WhatsApp. This AI-powered tool supports text, voice, and image inputs, providing quick answers and creative inspiration. Ideal for on-the-go research, it leverages AI-generated insights for efficient task assistance. With Portal, users can enjoy seamless, real-time data access and task management, making it an essential tool for all your WhatsApp needs.


  • Provides realtime data queries for instant information access.
  • Supports text, voice, and image inputs for versatile interaction.
  • Delivers quick answers, aiding in onthego research and task assistance.
  • Generates AIpowered insights for creative inspiration and decision making.
  • Integrated within WhatsApp for seamless, convenient user experience.

Use cases

  • Realtime data queries for instant information retrieval on WhatsApp
  • Quick answers to complex queries leveraging advanced AI capabilities
  • Creative inspiration through AIgenerated insights and suggestions
  • Onthego research enabling seamless access to data anytime, anywhere
  • Task assistance for managing and executing tasks efficiently via WhatsApp chatbot.


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